Monday, February 18, 2008

Not too good at keeping up with this thing

I knew I wouldn't post regularly, but even I didn't think it would be this bad. Ouch. So since I've started this, over 1 year ago, the bathroom is working fabulously. Still needs a shelf, but otherwise is great. The stack of quilts to donate has been donated to Shriners Hospital. At least two of my students and one colleague's daughter have been treated there, so it's extra nice to take them some quilts. I have more to sew up. The growing season has come and gone. It's freezing today, 16F but sunny. I started and subsequently quit sewing clothing. I have great plans, though. And I have cooked and baked and baked and baked.

Current projects include:
  • finishing these $#$@*% evaluations
  • finishing Mom's quilt from Christmas
  • starting a chair quilt for Pav
  • finding some tea towels to embroider
  • baking February birthday cupcakes for school - chocolate cherry with ganache frosting and vanilla cherry filled with cream cheese frosting
  • cooking a fabulous dinner with R for the boys - menu TBD and be fabulously complicated
  • finishing the quilt for S's new baby, Tommy
R and I have had our first biweekly girly night. She made an apron and I worked on Tommy's quilt. E has also invited me over again, but I think I have a scheduling conflict.

LBK started his new job today. I hope it's going well. Pot roast and cupcakes for dinner tonight. Maybe the rest of a bottle of wine.