Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another bar cart:


Monday, November 24, 2008

On Art of Drink I found this list of 100 drinks you should try.

Here's the original list with instructions:


1) Copy this list into your blog, with instructions.
2) Bold all the drinks you’ve imbibed.
3) Cross out any items that you won’t touch
4) Post a comment here and link to your results.


If you don’t have a blog, just count the ones you’ve tried and post the number in the comments section.

List of Drinks You Must Try Before You Expire

  1. Manhattan Cocktail
  2. Kopi Luwak (Weasle Coffee)
  3. French / Swiss Absinthe
  4. Rootbeer
  5. Gin Martini
  6. Sauternes
  7. Whole Milk
  8. Tequila (100% Agave)
  9. XO Cognac
  10. Espresso
  11. Spring Water (directly from the spring)
  12. Gin & Tonic
  13. Mead
  14. Westvleteren 12 (Yellow Cap) Trappist Ale
  15. Chateau d’Yquem
  16. Budweiser
  17. Maraschino Liqueur
  18. Mojito
  19. Orgeat
  20. Grand Marnier
  21. Mai Tai (original)
  22. Ice Wine (Canadian)
  23. Red Bull
  24. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
  25. Bubble Tea
  26. Tokaji
  27. Chicory
  28. Islay Scotch
  29. Pusser’s Navy Rum
  30. Fernet Branca
  31. Fresh Pressed Apple Cider
  32. Bourbon
  33. Australian Shiraz
  34. Buckley’s Cough Syrup
  35. Orange Bitters
  36. Margarita (classic recipe)
  37. Molasses & Milk
  38. Chimay Blue
  39. Wine of Pines (Tepache)
  40. Green Tea
  41. Daiginjo Sake
  42. Chai Tea
  43. Vodka (chilled, straight)
  44. Coca-Cola
  45. Zombie (Beachcomber recipe)
  46. Barley Wine
  47. Brewed Choclate (Xocolatl)
  48. Pisco Sour
  49. Lemonade
  50. Speyside Single Malt
  51. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
  52. Champagne (Vintage)
  53. Rosé (French)
  54. Bellini
  55. Caipirinha
  56. White Zinfandel (Blush)
  57. Coconut Water
  58. Cerveza
  59. Cafe au Lait
  60. Ice Tea
  61. Pedro Ximenez Sherry
  62. Vintage Port
  63. Hot Chocolate
  64. German Riesling
  65. Pina Colada
  66. El Dorado 15 Year Rum
  67. Chartreuse
  68. Greek Wine
  69. Negroni
  70. Jägermeister
  71. Chicha
  72. Guiness
  73. Rhum Agricole
  74. Palm Wine
  75. Soju
  76. Ceylon Tea (High Grown)
  77. Belgian Lambic
  78. Mongolian Airag
  79. Doogh, Lassi or Ayran
  80. Sugarcane Juice
  81. Ramos Gin Fizz
  82. Singapore Sling
  83. Mint Julep
  84. Old Fashioned
  85. Perique
  86. Jenever (Holland Gin)
  87. Chocolate Milkshake
  88. Traditional Italian Barolo
  89. Pulque
  90. Natural Sparkling Water
  91. Cuban Rum
  92. Asti Spumante
  93. Irish Whiskey
  94. Château Margaux
  95. Two Buck Chuck
  96. Screech
  97. Akvavit
  98. Rye Whisky
  99. German Weissbier
  100. Daiquiri (classic)

If you have any questions on what something is, please post a comment and I’ll give you an answer. If you think I missed something, let me know. Yes, I’ve never had a Budwieser (or Fernet Branca).


1. Buckley's is a Canadian cough syrup made with ammonium carbonate, which most Canadian's are familiar with. The products tag line was "It tastes like $#%*, but it works." Is it a drink? Well, it's more like a shooter, but it was put in the list for the humour value.

2. Wine of Pines is pineapple wine and was described by early explorers as "the drink of the gods". Consider it the "fruit wine" portion of the list.


51. I'm over half way there. #25 - Bubble Tea creeps me out and I don't think I'll be taking Canadian cough syrup - #34. I have been looking locally for orange bitters #35 and can't find them, which I think is odd. Some of these things I have no knowledge of, and a few are now on my Violet Hour list.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bar cart possibility

I've been going through the local shop links on the Decor8 blog. At Orange Skin
I found a possible bar cart. Though it's definitely a bit on the expensive side, it folds up! And it's Italian.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two lamps of interest were in the newspaper this morning.

The tripod floor lamp from CB2:

And the adjustable metal floor lamp from West Elm:

The lighting in the living room is hard because there is no overhead lighting and the furniture will mostly float in the room, making cords problematic.

This lamp also caught my eye because it looks like an oversized table lamp to me. Not sure if it will work, but it's interesting to me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Living Room Plans

We FINALLY might actually possibly be considering maybe purchasing living room furniture and a rug. Maybe. Here's the plan:

The sofa and chairs are from Room and Board. The rug is Karastan. The fireplace wall will be painted blue and the doors on the niches removed. The other 3 walls will be a cream/golden tan. The sofa will be in blue and the chairs in the brown. I think the chairs will really pop against the blue wall and white trim. I like that the tufting on the sofa seat is echoed in the chair backs. We have collected a few silver candlesticks and other decorative items and have moved the dark wood round coffee table into that room. We have a bit of measuring to do, but I think this will work really well. What do you think?

Dinner today: Meatloaf, Alton Brown's Stove top Macaroni and Cheese, salad

Is it Fall yet?

Long time, no blog, ay? Just finished a quilt for Ava Riley. Apparently I've been in denial for the past, oh, 11 months that there is a new baby on the way. Whatever. It's done now, and LBK says it's one of his all time favorites. I'm not sure I rate it that high, but I do love it. I used a charm pack of Flutterby, a Moda fabric set by Tula Pink. It's girly without being pink and floofy. All the patterns look like florals and stripes and geometric prints, but they all incorporate snails, caterpillars, butterflies and ladybugs. I couldn't find yardage for the "solids" so I subbed in some others, and I love the fabric on the back.

So how is the To Do List? Some good, some bad, and some really ugly:

  • Mom's quilt? Still not done. It's about 1/2 quilted. I didn't intend for the top to be one Christmas' gift, and the quilting the next Christmas' gift....
  • LBK's chair quilt - not yet started, but next up on the list
  • Tommy's quilt - done, but forgot to take pictures! Must email Tommy's mom post haste.
  • Gardening - done for the season. Shade garden complete. One side is pretty sunny, so next year I will have to add some more sun-friendly things on that side. Also have to order Orange Marmalade Hostas in the spring. When we rake leaves, I will use the lawnmower to crunch lots of leaves for winter cover/composting.
  • Kitchen valances - vegetable fabric purchased, next up on the list
  • Also must start planning for Christmas crafty and kitcheny goodness. Limoncello, I think, this year since we have all turned into lushes. Cookies of course. Maybe some dishtowels for everyone.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Boy are my fingernails grubby. I've been gardening like a fiend. I'm afraid to total up what this is costing me. I ordered two yards of topsoil today for the front. Then I'll replant some hostas and impatiens in there and call it a day. And move the spotted dead nettle. And, and, and... I'm sure I'll think of something else to do up there. The rest of the gardening is done except for hanging the window boxes. LBK finished putting on the trim today. And they need a coat of water sealant. I also got a new compost bin, which is huge, and luckily fits next to the back gate. I've got a good start on it already. Cleaned out the fridge and the fruit bowl today and whirled it all in the food processor to go in the bin. I also weeded the brick walk and threw those in, too. I want to get a rain barrel, but haven't made the trek out to the burbs to the garden center that I think has them. I'd love to find one on Freecycle. That's how I got the compost bin.

This is my last week of school until August. I will work one day next week, then take a trip for a conference in July for 4 days. I am doing really well on finishing up all my end of the year work. Hopefully, I will get everything done without feeling like I rushed to clean up.

I've been getting lots of new recipes on a few blogs I have been checking recently. The ones I've made from SmittenKitchen have been delicious. I'm trying to make more creative side dishes and she has some really simple ones that don't taste simple, like the zucchini with almonds, and a green bean one I'm going to try this week. In order to keep track of recipes so I can make them more than once, I'm abandoning my previous method of writing it on a post-it with out any title or citation (or directions, really). I have a small notebook that I am going to keep between the kitchen and the computer in which I will write down where it comes from, what it is, and how to make it. I'm sure in a manner that will only be decipherable to me, and hopefully to in-the-future-me, since that's it purpose.

Currently in the oven: Dried Cherry Buttermilk Scones, except I used dried cranberries. And dried buttermilk.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whew. School had a big picnic today. It's a decent amount of work organizing it, but we've done it several years now, so it's pretty routine. It is still very nervewracking, though. Thankfully, everything went smoothly and there were no major problems and very few minor ones. I have 3 days of lunch to plan for the last week of school. Two days are easy, the third one is undecided, so we're working on that.

Those elementary kids have an assembly for everything at the end of school. Spirit week, a bike safety presentation, a science demonstration, a talent show. I can't even remember the rest. Just to let you know, still totally digging the kindergarteners. All together now, to the tune of the Addams Family theme, "Days of the week (snap snap) Days of the week (snap snap) Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (snap snap). There's Sunday and there's Monday, ... You get the point.

The To Do List - virtually untouched.

  • Swap - finished 3 tea towels, one flip chart cookbook, one jar of spice rub and two local specialty condiments. Received an awesome scrappy cookbook, a coffee mug, some coasters and a candle. Very cool. Cookbook also includes a recipe for bear meatloaf. Believe it or not, I may have a hook up for some bear meat thanks to my guy from the UP.
  • Gardening - in progress. Found self watering pots at the grocery store of all places for like $12. Amazing. Some plants bought. Front yard reconstruction underway, but can't finish it until after the landscaping guys finish the neighbors work since we both are checking out the other's progress creating a weird vibe. Hopefully they are done soon.
  • The rest - eh. Not happening. Yet anyways. Schools out soon.
Upcoming additions:
  • I feel a dinner party coming on to celebrate the end of the school year.
  • Attending a local alterna-crafter craft show on Sunday. Like I need more project ideas.
  • More gardening, adding a rain barrel, finding windowboxes.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whew! Tons of new things happening. I got the opportunity to spend 6 weeks or so in an elementary school. I am currently fascinated by kindergarteners. Those munchkins have a song for everything. You picked the blue marker? B L U E, we have a song for that. It's Tuesday? Yep. We have a song for that. It's like living in a mini Broadway musical. With snacks. Today was brought to us by the letter T.

Second graders are too cool for school, and the 5th graders are too cool for me. They keep giving me the evil eye, like I'm out to get them or something. Sheesh.

As far as the perennial To Do list, here's last post's list:

  • Evaluations - one to go. MAJOR procrastination going on here
  • Pav's quilt - jelly roll purchased - Yay Quilt Show. I found the one I really wanted.
  • Tea towels - currently embroidering, but for a swap, not for me
  • Cupcakes and March birthdays and L's birthday, all done. April birthdays still to come, as well as Administrative Assistant's Day muffins - tomorrow - eep!
  • Tommy's quilt - sandwiched and partially quilted, but no end in sight
New projects? Of course.

  • Cookbook swap - book purchased, pages made for scrap, book not put together, dish towels being embroidered. Should be done on time no problem
  • Gardening now that the weather is finally warming up. Salad mix for new planters by the grill. Have to find windowboxes. Installed mini fence for minipuppy to keep out of beds.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

To Do List update

So here was my list of things in progress as of February:

Current projects include:
  • finishing these $#$@*% evaluations
  • finishing Mom's quilt from Christmas
  • starting a chair quilt for Pav
  • finding some tea towels to embroider
  • baking February birthday cupcakes for school - chocolate cherry with ganache frosting and vanilla cherry filled with cream cheese frosting
  • cooking a fabulous dinner with R for the boys - menu TBD and be fabulously complicated
  • finishing the quilt for S's new baby, Tommy
How am I doing?
  • One evaluation to go
  • Um. No progress on quilt unless getting the batting out of the bag to fold it up and leave it on the table counts. I think I am dreading maneuvering a large quilt under the machine to do the quilting. The back is pieced, however.
  • Pav's quilt - ordered the pattern, looking for fabric very casually
  • Bought one tea towel. Found pattern, started to trace it. Must finish this for a Craftster cookbook swap, making this next up. Still need to find nice towels, though.
  • Cupcakes made and eaten. The Chocolate Cherry ones from Nigella Lawson - wow! Also made carrot cake for March birthdays.
  • Not one, but TWO fabulous dinners cooked and eaten. See below.
  • Quilt top finished, ready for layering and quilting.
New projects:
  • Bought a few pieces of material at Vogue from the remnant room for summer dresses. Need to find pattern(s) and actually make something.
  • Finish Cookbook swap by putting together created cookbook and embroidering tea towel.
  • Figure out my freaking golf swing and actually hit the ball. %$&#*@!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dinner Party #2 Post Party

Well, I think we were mostly successful. The caprese sandwiches got nixed. The chicken dish was pretty good. Everything was ready on time and no one got hurt. A fine time was had by all.

In a somewhat related note, I painted the kitchen cabinets over Spring Break, finishing on Saturday in time for said party. I am really happy with the way they turned out. Now I just have to find a kitchen designer to help me tweak the layout and order new cabinetry. I do like a painted cabinet and I think I can find a semi custom or stock cabinet with a finish I will like.



I still hate the wallpaper on the soffit, and it keeps the kitchen from looking totally different. There's no point in ripping it off now when the whole thing is coming down in the remodel so I can have taller cabinets that are set higher off the counter.

Dinner yesterday - party leftovers
Dinner today - Parmesan chicken and broccoli

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dinner Party # 2

To be fair, I should start with Dinner Party #1. My friend, R, of the biweekly girly crafternoon, and I were discussing that there are always things we want to make that just seem too fancy or too much trouble to make for just two people without a special occasion or reason to do so. They are perennially on our lengthy To Do lists, but they never get done. In order to cross things off our To Do lists, we had ourselves a Dinner Party.

Dinner Party #1

Smoked Paprika Almonds
Vodka Spiked Tomatoes

Shrimp wrapped in prosciutto
Mini crab cakes
Shrimp Toast

Salad with Goat cheese and roasted golden beets

Steak Diane
Mashed red potatoes
Roasted asparagus

Tarte Noir - a bittersweet chocolate ganache tart

We met at the grocery at 3, were at my house by 4 and had dinner about 7:15 after cooking and stopping to graze on hors d'oeuvres and gin and tonics. Delicious, even though I overcooked the steak, and several things were crossed off the To Do lists including Steak Diane and ganache.

Tonight is Dinner Party #2, for LBK's birthday. Some work friends from the old place are coming over, and R is coming, too. JG will be cooking with us this time and we are making his entree, a chicken dish with green and black olives and a sauce reduced with apple juice. Here's the rest of the menu:

Feta puffs
Hummus with pita and red, orange and yellow peppers
Cucumber sandwiches, openface
Mini caprese sandwiches

Greek salad

Chicken with olives
cous cous
spanakopita for the vegetarian among us

Chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries and vanilla ice cream, requested by the birthday boy

Monday, February 18, 2008

Not too good at keeping up with this thing

I knew I wouldn't post regularly, but even I didn't think it would be this bad. Ouch. So since I've started this, over 1 year ago, the bathroom is working fabulously. Still needs a shelf, but otherwise is great. The stack of quilts to donate has been donated to Shriners Hospital. At least two of my students and one colleague's daughter have been treated there, so it's extra nice to take them some quilts. I have more to sew up. The growing season has come and gone. It's freezing today, 16F but sunny. I started and subsequently quit sewing clothing. I have great plans, though. And I have cooked and baked and baked and baked.

Current projects include:
  • finishing these $#$@*% evaluations
  • finishing Mom's quilt from Christmas
  • starting a chair quilt for Pav
  • finding some tea towels to embroider
  • baking February birthday cupcakes for school - chocolate cherry with ganache frosting and vanilla cherry filled with cream cheese frosting
  • cooking a fabulous dinner with R for the boys - menu TBD and be fabulously complicated
  • finishing the quilt for S's new baby, Tommy
R and I have had our first biweekly girly night. She made an apron and I worked on Tommy's quilt. E has also invited me over again, but I think I have a scheduling conflict.

LBK started his new job today. I hope it's going well. Pot roast and cupcakes for dinner tonight. Maybe the rest of a bottle of wine.