Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Pictures

Here are the first pictures of our baby girl.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another top done

Yesterday, I was frustrated with the templates not working for the Color Wheel quilt.  So I set it aside to regroup and pulled out the flying geese blocks that I had finished before Christmas.  They went together quickly into rows.  Unfortunately, I realized I managed to put together some of blocks backwards.  Oh well.  This is for me, and finished is better than perfect certainly applies.  I'm not taking apart and reassembling a bunch of blocks at this stage of the game.  It's such a busy top that I doubt anyone who is not a quilter looking closely will be able to tell anyways.  Today, I quickly assembled the rows.

Sorry it's not the greatest picture.  It's a bit of an odd size, 40x62.  Maybe some wide side borders and narrow top and bottom borders?

Original post on blocks here.  And here.  Was it really that long ago?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

City Lot

This is the City Lot quilt from Cherri House's City Quilts.  We chose the Alexander Henry dot for the back first, then matched Kona solids using my swatch card for the front.  I quilted it using a similar free motion style to the one Oh Fransson used in her Tokyo Subway Map quilt.  It's a little crinklier than I might have wanted, but I am in love with this quilt and can not let it go!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pieces Cut

Cutting the wedges for the wheel went faster than I thought it would.  Here they are all laid out. 

Snow Day

I'm spending most of my snow day quilting.  Yesterday, I finished the binding on a quilt that I decided to keep for myself.  So now I have to make another one to replace it.  I've been interested in making the color wheel quilt from Last Minute Patchwork for awhile. I also have an ever growing pile of scraps, including a box of small pieces FQ size and smaller that I bought from Elizabeth of Oh Fransson quite awhile ago.  I've used some of them, and have some set aside for other projects, but I thought this would be a great way to use them up.

The finished quilt is rather large, so I'm scaling it down about 20% to make a quilt that is about 40" square.  Assuming my math is correct, that is.  We'll find out.

I started by going through my scrap bin, drawers and bag and sorting possible fabrics by color.  You can see the template I scanned in, then reduced and printed out.  I occasionally compared scraps to the template to make sure they were big enough.

After creating my piles, I ironed everything that need it, which was pretty much everything, then laid it out neatly in its color group.  Next, I put every color group in the order I thought looked best, starting with pink and ending with the browns.  You need 52 wedges.  I had 55 in my finished layout, so I called in some help to weed a couple out.  This is the line up before weeding.

This afternoon, I'll cut the template and start cutting the wedges.