Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chocolate Macaron with Salted Caramel Ganache

I made these on Sunday for company.  I was so proud of them!  They came out perfectly and were delicious.  And our little friend, coincidentally, had recently had a macaron at a coffeeshop, so he was very excited to have some at our house.  I made up a box for him to take home and he asked about it several times to make sure we didn't forget them.  Very sophisticated for a 4 year old!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DONE !!!!!

The railing you see on the right has been reinstalled on the stairs.  The edging of the stairs and the threshold are installed.  The only thing left is to sweep and mop (although the installers did a great job cleaning up), and for LBK to install some trim on the risers of the stairs.  They offered to use the metal trim on the edges, but we thought wood would look better.  It will be just 9 or so straight cuts and a few finish nails.  Then we have to put everything back!

I'm currently taking suggestions for new furniture and layouts.  Currently the room holds:
  • sofa
  • loveseat
  • coffee table
  • 6" table that sewing machine sits on
  • Gran's old kitchen table that sits on bed risers to make a cutting/work table
  • the long shelves on the wall
  • 3 Ikea Aneboda wardrobes, 2 singles and a double that hold fabric, books and supplies (ours are light wood tone, not white as they are currently showing)
  • a small bookcase
Everything is old, used and repurposed, which is ok.  But I feel like it's so fresh and new
I'm thinking:
  • take down the long shelves
  • add white "cube" bookcases on either side of the fireplace
  • create a floor to ceiling design wall to go over the fireplace (it is never used on the advice of the house inspector and it stays plenty warm down there anyways)
  • keep the Aneboda wardrobes, maybe do something with the "windows" in the doors
  • keep the couch and table but move the loveseat to the laundry room "mud room" area and recover both pieces
Unsure about:
  • how to replace the 6' table and kitchen table
  • where to put table(s) in relation to quilting frame if new bookcases are on either side of the fireplace