Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whew! Tons of new things happening. I got the opportunity to spend 6 weeks or so in an elementary school. I am currently fascinated by kindergarteners. Those munchkins have a song for everything. You picked the blue marker? B L U E, we have a song for that. It's Tuesday? Yep. We have a song for that. It's like living in a mini Broadway musical. With snacks. Today was brought to us by the letter T.

Second graders are too cool for school, and the 5th graders are too cool for me. They keep giving me the evil eye, like I'm out to get them or something. Sheesh.

As far as the perennial To Do list, here's last post's list:

  • Evaluations - one to go. MAJOR procrastination going on here
  • Pav's quilt - jelly roll purchased - Yay Quilt Show. I found the one I really wanted.
  • Tea towels - currently embroidering, but for a swap, not for me
  • Cupcakes and March birthdays and L's birthday, all done. April birthdays still to come, as well as Administrative Assistant's Day muffins - tomorrow - eep!
  • Tommy's quilt - sandwiched and partially quilted, but no end in sight
New projects? Of course.

  • Cookbook swap - book purchased, pages made for scrap, book not put together, dish towels being embroidered. Should be done on time no problem
  • Gardening now that the weather is finally warming up. Salad mix for new planters by the grill. Have to find windowboxes. Installed mini fence for minipuppy to keep out of beds.

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