Monday, October 20, 2008

Is it Fall yet?

Long time, no blog, ay? Just finished a quilt for Ava Riley. Apparently I've been in denial for the past, oh, 11 months that there is a new baby on the way. Whatever. It's done now, and LBK says it's one of his all time favorites. I'm not sure I rate it that high, but I do love it. I used a charm pack of Flutterby, a Moda fabric set by Tula Pink. It's girly without being pink and floofy. All the patterns look like florals and stripes and geometric prints, but they all incorporate snails, caterpillars, butterflies and ladybugs. I couldn't find yardage for the "solids" so I subbed in some others, and I love the fabric on the back.

So how is the To Do List? Some good, some bad, and some really ugly:

  • Mom's quilt? Still not done. It's about 1/2 quilted. I didn't intend for the top to be one Christmas' gift, and the quilting the next Christmas' gift....
  • LBK's chair quilt - not yet started, but next up on the list
  • Tommy's quilt - done, but forgot to take pictures! Must email Tommy's mom post haste.
  • Gardening - done for the season. Shade garden complete. One side is pretty sunny, so next year I will have to add some more sun-friendly things on that side. Also have to order Orange Marmalade Hostas in the spring. When we rake leaves, I will use the lawnmower to crunch lots of leaves for winter cover/composting.
  • Kitchen valances - vegetable fabric purchased, next up on the list
  • Also must start planning for Christmas crafty and kitcheny goodness. Limoncello, I think, this year since we have all turned into lushes. Cookies of course. Maybe some dishtowels for everyone.


Ms. R. Archer said...

LUSH???? Who's a lush???? Not me!!!! (Hick.)

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I love the quilt! I have girls and there's too much pink. The whole place looks like its been doused in Pepto Bismol. Aqua would be a welcomed change!! lol!