Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girl's Brunch

Our friend's husband got laid off. Going out for breakfast or brunch was our thing because it worked with her family's schedule. And was an excuse to eat. When she told me about the layoff, she said we couldn't go to breakfast until it was hot outside so we could cook our eggs on the sidewalk. Clearly unacceptable. One, it won't be that hot for a loooong time. This is Chicago after all. Two, I don't eat eggs. Three, sidewalks aren't nonstick. How exactly do you get an egg unstuck from the sidewalk, hmm? I could go on. Clearly, another solution is called for. Brunch. Immediately. At my house.

To start, Quiche Lorraine, her favorite. The various recipes I found on the internet called for ham or bacon. I couldn't decide which to use, so I used both.

Here's the whole deal - prosecco, grapefruit with a red wine orange juice sauce, maple oat scones (Ina Garten), smoked paprika potatoes with dill sour cream (eh), and the quiche.

He's already had an interview and a call back. Let's hope we're having a celebration brunch soon!

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