Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chocolate Conference

I was lucky enough to attend a chocolate conference a week ago. There was a wide range of people there from professionals to about-to-be-professionals to beginners. I definitely fall towards the beginner end of the spectrum. We molded chocolates, made several ganaches and piped caramel fillings, airbrushed, painted and made custom transfer sheets by painting and screenprinting, dipped, tasted, ate and drank all weekend. My group in particular made a Madras slab ganache with curry and coconut, a raspberry black pepper butter ganache, and a passionfruit piped caramel filling. We also made nougat to dip (which I totally overcooked) and an almond butter crunch toffee, which was LBK's favorite thing. Here are some pics:

Almond Butter Crunch - aka Crack

My failed attempt at unmolding my chocolates
My tablemates

Our fearless leader demonstrating silkscreening with colored cocoa butter to make custom transfer sheets

You can read lots more and see more pics here.

*** Update on the Girls' Brunch - My friend's hubby accepted a job offer! Whoo hoo!

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