Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Morning After

The mascarpone is looking good. It was pretty set this morning, like Greek yogurt thickness. There was some liquid in the bottom, but not much. I poured hot water over a linen dish towel to sterilize it per the directions. If you try this at home, kids, use tongs to hold the towel, not your fingers. The directions said to hang dry, but since it's hard to wring out a steaming hot towel (see tongs use above), it was going to take forever to dry. I should have done it last night. Since I'm not exactly the patient type, I brought the towel back upstairs from the laundry room and hung it over the oven door, still hot from making bacon, to dry. I lined a strainer with the towel and dumped in the cheese, twisting the top, putting it over a bowl and into the fridge. It's drained about 1 cup maybe of liquid so far, maybe a bit more.

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