Friday, April 23, 2010

Milo update

Just wanted to update those of you who know Milo.  He had us pretty scared last weekend.  He is currently doing fine.  He's eating again, which means he's pooping again and passing some of that gravel that's sitting in his small intestine.  (Sorry for poop-posting on a blog that's mostly about food.)  We'll probably take him in next week for another x-ray just to see how things are progressing.  As long as things are going in the front and coming out the back, we just wait and see.  He is in good spirits and is barking and getting in the way again.

Unfortunately, I had to come home early from the eGullet Chocolate Conference.  You can see more about what we did over on the eG thread.  I enjoyed the two days I was able to spend in Maryland.  The conference was super organized thanks to Steve.  Chocolate people are the best people!  There's been a passing mention of returning to Niagara next year.  I hope so.  I'm heading down to the Southside next weekend to see if I can get some chocolate in bulk since I don't really like what I've been using and would prefer not to order online if I can avoid it.  There's also a place near the airport I want to check out.

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