Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Patio Cushions

We bought a patio set a couple years ago. It's just two comfy arm chairs that can recline, two footstools and a small side table.  The cushion had become faded and stained.  While it seems like it would be easy to find replacement cushions, the seat cushions are sloped in the back to fit neatly under the back cushions.  I couldn't find replacements the same shape, and the cushions themselves are still good.  So I recovered them.  I still have one more footstool cushion to make, as I only cut one as my first test cushion.  I think they came out nicely, and LBK likes them.

Our small garden is thriving and soon we'll have some tomatoes.  I've gotten a couple of cherry tomatoes, but that's all so far, not counting tons of herbs.

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