Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nursery Fabrics

I left town for the weekend to go to the CMQG quilting retreat.  I left LBK with the stacks of fabrics we have been sorting through along with some paint chips.  I came home to this.

How smart was he to combine the Kate Spain prints with the Patricia Bravo fabrics?  I hadn't gotten over using "a line" together.  I think we're both happy with the results. The ones on the left will be for the curtains, pillows, fabric boxes and dust ruffle, along with some coordinating solids.  The ones on the right will be framed on the wall and possibly used as accents elsewhere.

I'm picking up paint swatches today. 

One step closer.


Jen Ben Bry said...

Love it. None of us thought to put them together when we were looking through the swatches the other night. I think it's so much better with the melding of the two lines. Can't wait to see it all put together - what color paint are you thinking?

Mary P said...

Love it. I also love that you have a husband who is so good at these things! That is pretty awesome.