Thursday, March 31, 2011


I spent a lovely afternoon shopping and lunching with my lady friends. We had a delicious lunch at Prasino in La Grange.  It's an eco-friendly restaurant with green building practice and a focus on local, organic and sustainable food.  Most importantly, it was delicious.  We had 3 entrees, a dessert and a house-made soda.  I had the short rib tacos, which were generous in portion and very, very tasty.  My dining partners enjoyed the Margherita Wheat Flat bread, which had a very crispy flat bread layer and just the right amount of toppings, and the California Turkey Panini, which had a crispy and delicious addition of apple.  We shared the chocolate peanut butter gooey cake which was served with peanut butter ice cream.  It was plenty to share after a light lunch, but wouldn't be too large, heavy or rich for one person.  It was very well balanced, not too sweet or gooey.  I also had a very refreshing ginger lime house-made soda.

We visited two quilt shops after lunch, the Quilt Basket in Downer's Grove, and Pieceful Heart in Lisle.  Here are my purchases for the day:

These batiks are for a housewarming gift.  Much thanks to Donna for helping me pick them out.  Batiks don't come naturally to me.  I need to get some solids before I get started on it.

I only purchased one of these yesterday, the top left green print.  Eventually, these will be a Bento Box quilt, I think.

And a few random fat quarters, some flannel for baby pants, and larger piece to maybe back a baby quilt. 

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Donna said...

Wow to the Bento Box fabrics - love those Oriental ones!

I couldn't decide what pattern to use for the baby fabrics I bought and have just now decided on "Fashion District" from Weeks and Bill's newer book. I'm pretty excited about starting this, but not until I get the 2nd sports quilt off the floor!