Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bathroom Remodel

We just on Tuesday finished remodeling the master bathroom. To be perfectly honest, Zenon, finished the remodel. I mostly sat on the couch and watched three men tromp through the house. There was much sawing, pounding, drilling, tiling, and, I think, cursing in Polish. They did a great job. They were very respectful, knew their stuff, kept me informed (most of the time), showed up when they said they would (or close to it) and kept the place as clean as possible. You can't really expect more than that.

There aren't any ugly before pics, but the tiny fiberglass shower stall was flanked by a cabinet raised off the floor to allow the radiator to pass through to the closet. We discovered that the floor had been raised to accommodate the radiator plumbing, and both the raised floor and the radiator were removed. And the sink, toilet, lights, shower stall, and cabinets. One plaster wall had to be removed, the actual floor opened up, plumbing redone, new studs on the wall that was removed.

Here's what our patio looked like for almost two weeks.

Durock all around.

Then the shower floor and curb built and floor leveled.

Tile installed.

And finally, fixtures.

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