Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday, Monday

I'm trying to keep busy today. I have too many competing things I want to do: quilt, sew, clean, cook. Not to mention actual work and some errands. I'd love to get a pedicure, but Milo needs one more.

Everyone has offered to come over today if I need anything, which is so generous and kind of them. I can't decide yes or no. I'm waiting until after the call to decide, then will email everyone. I'm thinking of hosting cocktail hour, with everyone out the door by 6 so LBK and I can spend time together.

Right now I'm working on laundry time. Throw a load in, sew on Tommy's towels. Change load, go up and wash dishes, get out ingredients for cake, make pizza dough. Check blogroll. Ask Sue her towel naming preference.

Think, don't think, think, don't think. Wait, wait, wait.

Here's a peek at Tommy's towels. More later...

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