Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post Valentine's Day Lunch

Leftovers from last night were on the menu for lunch today. I also had some roasted butternut squash in the fridge from earlier in the week that was intended for this soup from Food & Wine.  I finished the soup to go with our meager leftovers - two wings, a leg, the tiniest thigh ever, a few shallots and one parsnip. The soup is so simple, just roast the squash, whirl it in the food processor with water, creme fraiche, a bit of cinnamon. Top with banana, maple syrup, toasted pecans. It was really good. The soup tastes of squash, pure and intense. No chicken or veg stock invited to the party. The creme fraiche added texture and a bit of richness, but not too much. The banana-maple-pecan garnish was really interesting, the sweetness playing off the squash, but not overwhelming. The soup also warmed the banana, which also changed it's flavor somewhat.

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