Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Half Square Triangle quilt - pinned

While the laundry was doing its thing last night, I sandwiched and pinned my HST top.

I used Sharon Schamber's method of using two pieces of trim to roll the top and backing.  It worked really well.  I was successful on the first try.  Even though my boards are a bit too long, they were pretty easy to manage.  I started to use the herringbone basting stitch that she demonstrates, but I couldn't find my perle cotton thread.  I did a couple of rows with regular thread, but decided to switch to quilting safety pins.  We'll see how good of a switch that was once the quilting begins.  It should be easy, but boring to quilt - just straight lines on this one.

I think this is the best picture, although it doesn't really show much of the quilt.

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