Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I did practically no sewing or crafting for Valentine's Day other than sewing up some paper envelopes for the Niece and Nephew's gifts.  I bought them the most adorable matching outfits from Children's Place.  Perhaps they will wear them for Easter.

I took some heavy, natural tissue, the kind used to wrap breakables, some hot pink tissue paper, and some scrapbooking letter stickers.  I folded the clothes into a neat stack and made sure they would fit in one sheet of tissue.  I then used a glue stick to attach a hot pink heart I cut freehand and the letter stickers to spell out their names.  I made a quick trip around three sides with hot pink thread and a basting stitch, inserting the clothes before sewing the last side.  Here are the packages ready to be mailed.



And what's inside:

I did cook, though.  I even drug the grill out of the garage in 10 degree weather to grill some NY strip steaks.  I roasted some Yukon Gold potatoes with some onions, steamed asparagus, and made Hollandaise to go over it.  There is nothing like a steak off the grill.  We drank a Coppola Claret, which was really delicious. 

It was the first time I made a Hollandaise sauce as far as I can remember.  It was so, so, so good.  By itself it tasted salty,  but on the asparagus, which I had only salted a bit to steam, it was perfect.  We had some leftover, so for breakfast, I toasted some English muffins, layered the potatoes, asparagus and a poached egg on top and covered it all with the leftover Hollandaise.  The sauce broke a bit, but still tasted good enough to make this a decadent breakfast.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures.

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