Monday, August 16, 2010

Gluten Free Baking

My friend is testing out a gluten free diet to see if it makes a difference for her.  Luckily, there is a good network of friends and acquaintances who are celiac or gluten intolerant, so she already has a head start on information. 

Since we had to work late one night last week and dinner is usually ordered in, I suggested we cook to make sure she could stick to her gluten free without worrying.  We ran across to the grocery at lunch and bought the ingredients for Greek chicken and potatoes, and a tomato and cucumber salad.  We quickly sliced everything up and tossed the potatoes and chicken in the oven.  The salad went in the fridge.  Everyone enjoyed our "naturally" gluten free dinner, proclaiming it better than the local Italian restaurant!

Then, the highlight, these cookies I baked the night before.  The peanut butter ones are the 4 ingredient flourless peanut butter cookies.  The chocolate chip are my usual recipe with Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour substitute.  The texture was only slightly different than usual.  The outside was a little crispier.  I don't think anyone but me would notice.  Everyone was very excited that all of us could eat some delicious cookies for dessert!   We even saved some for breakfast, but they somehow "mysteriously" disappeared overnight.  Custodians and summer workers, I'm looking at you!

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