Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mmmmm, bacon

(repost from 6/09)
Since we first tried this drink we have made them on several other occasions with and without the orange and with orange bitters.  Delicious.  I've done  only enough for two drinks each time.

I was sent a link to this YouTube video from one of the best cocktail lounges in NYC, PDT.

Being a good girl of Southern origins, I have a jar of clean bacon grease in the fridge at all times. I also have a bottle of bourbon. Even though I had to make a cobbler, get cleaned up and dressed up and make it to graduation on time, cobbler in hand, I still took a few minutes to do the conversions and reduce the recipe to infuse just enough bourbon for two drinks. 30 ml of bacon fat to 125 ml of bourbon. I scrawled a note so he would know when to put it in the freezer and whisked away to the graduation ceremony.

Tonight, we made just one drink, to share. Even without the orange peel, it was phenomenal. Super smoky from the bacon, but it didn't scream BACON. The orange would have really added to it, I think, and maybe a bit more bitters. From the video, those dashes are pretty big dashes. I could see infusing at least half a bottle of bourbon.

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