Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saturday is Baking Day

another re-post, slightly edited

LBK takes soup for lunch most days in the winter. When I started baking bread last winter from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book, he thought I was going to keep him supplied with yummy bread all winter. Unfortunately, he never really expressed that to me, and in a an effort to keep all those carbs from piling on the pounds, I tried to resist baking bread very often. However, he recently made a comment about wishing for bread to go with his soup, so I'm stocking the freezer with bread for him. He can grab one in the morning for his lunch and just give it a quick refresh in a toaster oven or eat it as is. It will be thawed by lunch for sure. Here are the results of today's baking: 8 mini loaves like these and 2 larger boules.

I have to work on sizing and slashing. I think these are a bit too big, though he may think they are fine. (if you click on the pics to see the larger ones, you can see the blistering on the crust and how delicious the inside is. These pics turned out pretty good.)

I also baked another French Pear Tart since our friend is in town.

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