Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breaking in the Griddle


Last weekend, we broke in the griddle on the oven with some bacon followed by blueberry pancakes. I'm loving it. It cooks very evenly and is easy to use.

The following weekend, I made brioche from Dorie's book to make her sticky buns. The brioche makes two loaves and the sticky buns only use half that, so I baked the other loaf. I wanted to compare it to the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes brioche. The more traditional recipe was no more difficult to make given that I used the Kitchenaid to mix it. It had to rise for 2 hours, like the 5 Minute recipe. It required another 2 hours on the counter with attention only every 30 minutes. Then it went into the fridge overnight and was shaped and baked after a second rise the next day. I really didn't feel it took more effort or time at all. The flavor was similar, but the texture, which I liked in the 5 Minute loaf, was even better in the traditional one. If the work load was significantly different, I would use the 5 Minute recipe, but the difference is negligible and I prefer Dorie's recipe overall.

Then we, of course, made French toast on the griddle. It was devoured before we even thought to look for the camera. It was the best damn French toast I have ever had. Ever. EVER, people. I thought I was just giddy at the first bite. The second and third slices elicited the same fluttery eye rolling and gentle groaning. Bacon was practically ignored. I don't think I can ever eat French toast that is not made from this brioche.

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