Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chicken and Kale - again, and again, and again

(Note - This is a re-post from a prior blog.)

We saw these friends again over the holidays and were pleased to find out that they also made this dish a number of times over the past year.  This year we had caesar salad and pizza with leftover Costco birthday cake for dessert.  Below is the original post, slightly edited.

So for dinner, I, we, because LBK helped, made the Chicken and Kale from Food & Wine yet again. We first made it over the holidays when we visited friends we see only once a year or so. While we love them, when you see someone so infrequently, coming together again can be awkward at first. LBK suggested we take some groceries over and cook dinner together as a way to break the ice. They have a great space for it - a just big enough house set back in the woods that's warm and cozy.

The requirements for the meal: not turkey or ham, nothing too heavy, and something that would not add to the holiday leftovers crammed into their fridge. With December Food & Wine magazine's 1 Hour Impromptu Party menu at hand, we offered up Roasted Chicken Legs with Potato and Kale. Since then, we have made for New Year's Eve and for dinner twice.

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