Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bier Markt and Bar Cento

I realized I never posted about our trip to NE Ohio.  After visiting the West Side Market, we tried to go to the Great Lakes Brewing Company.  I'm sure we would have had a lovely meal there, but the wait was crazy long.  So we went back around the corner to the Bier Markt and Bar Cento.  I'm not really sure why this 2-in-1 restaurants are 2-in-1 and not just two.  Or one.  They have one menu, the same entryway, the same kitchen.  But whatever.

We were seated right away in the outer, foyer-ish area of the restaurant.  I understood why it seemed so entryway when we were told that the building used to be a department store.  It was nicely decorated for Christmas, and the booth was large, comfy and quiet.  The interior room was long and rather narrow.  The bar and kitchen ran along the left side and the tables seemed warm and cozy.  The host tried to seat a few parties near us in the outer area, but most declined and asked for a table inside. I was fine with our quiet spot, but can understand why they preferred otherwise. Here's the view from our booth.

And a blurry shot of the interior area:

The food was delicious. We started with a cheese and salumi plate that included house pickled vegetables, a glass of wine for me, Warsteiners for them.  We devoured it in no time.

LBK and I had the burger, which was very good.  Juicy and well seasoned.

The In-laws had pizzas - the Sunnyside, which was the best thing on the table,

and the pizza bianco, which was also good.

We definitely enjoyed our meal here and would recommend it.

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